Igniting Our Boys
With Passion
and Pride

The Call

Large classes and innumerable distractions often shortchange our boys of the opportunity to develop passion and clarity in their formative years of Gemara learning.

The Vision

To transform nightly review of classroom learning into an interactive, satisfying experience for upper elementary grades students.

The Mission

Capitalizing on the benefits of a dynamic learning partnership within an engaging environment, Homework Kollel brings volunteer mentors to inspire students towards Gemara mastery, retention, and achievement.


Our Passion

The Homework Kollel provides boys ages 11-14 with an opportunity to transform nightly Gemara review into a rewarding, interactive experience. Throughout the week, our members enjoy camaraderie and refreshments, as well as are rewarded with gift cards to local vendors.

Through commitment to a consistent learning partner and the enthusiastic atmosphere created by a community of eager participants, our boys’ sense of gratification is reflected in their classroom learning and overall performance.


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Palpable Enthusiasm, Tangible Results


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Participating Families


Hours learned since inception


Why Join

Homework Kollel provides fifth through eighth grade students with a motivating venue for investing in their Gemara mastery.

Our Proud Parents Speak

“My boys joined your excellent Homework Kollel program in the Tallymawr shul. This program impacts their learning and behavior. Baruch Hashem, they are shteiging... Keep up your great work!”
— Mrs. Jaradi
“The learning program has influenced my sons & their friends to happily spend their evenings in the Beis Medrash, enthusiastically involved in their learning. What an amazing accomplishment!”
— Yaakov Birnhack
“We can’t thank you enough for all you are doing for our son… The learning in shul each night adds a dimension both to his quality of learning & understanding, and to his value for Limud HaTorah.”
— Yosef and Orah Bamberger

Make A Difference

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